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Getting started by adding virtual server and anonymous user?

How to install xlight as system service?

How to setup UPnP when Xlight FTP Server is behind broadband routers?

How to setup port forwarding manually for broadband ADSL(Cable) router or firewall?

Setup Xlight FTP Server with SSL/TLS protocol

Setup Xlight FTP Server with SSH2/SFTP protocol

How to access network share with Xlight FTP Server?


How to use user database through ODBC?

How to use database stored procedures for Xlight FTP Server?

Write file transfer log to database through ODBC

Setup email notification in the Xlight FTP Server

Integrating Xlight FTP Server with Active Directory

Integrating Xlight FTP Server with LDAP servers

Default user profile for external authentication (Can be used for quick setup of FTP home directory for large number of users)

How to run Xlight FTP System Service using non-admin account